AC Repair At Murray Valley Electrics

Automotive Air Conditioner Repairs

At Murray Valley Electrics Mildura we service and repair the Sunraysia region for automotive air conditioning systems. Our team of Arctick licensed technicians will make sure your car is tested, and ac repaired correctly. Murray Valley Electrics hold a refrigerant handling licence AUR2048 to ensure the correct gas is entering your chicles refrigerations system.


When Diagnosing an ac system we undergo a range of tests, some of these tests include a pressure test where we load the system up with pressure to simulate the air conditioner running to locate any leaks that may occur when in use. A vacuum test to check the seal in the compressor to see if the low pressure side is leaking while in use. We connect a set of gauges to read the pressure values of the system to ensure they are of correct value and everything is working as it should be.

How It Works

The compressor acts as a pump to "pump"/compress the refrigerant vapor into a hot high pressure gas This process generates heat which needs to be cooled by the condenser unit to turn the gas into a liquid. This liquid then passes through the receiver drier to filter any debris and remove moisture from the system. The liquid then passes through the Tx valve changing it back into a vapor becoming cold this runs through the evaporator in which your fan blows air past so you receive cold refreshing air out of the ducts & and then repeats.